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Utah's Best Roof Warranty!

Roof Utah's  50 Year  Roof Warranty

Save over $30,000 with Roof Utah!

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Roof Utah 50 Year Warranty

As soon as a roofing company completes a project and steps off site, only the material that was installed on the roof is warranted.


The material will be replaced by the manufacturer if there is a defect within the first 10 years.


But what about the roofing company's cost of labor and overhead?

This depreciates the minute the roofer walks off the job (about 60% of the roof value), leaving you high and dry when you need to replace the roof if it prematurely fails.


After the 10 years, the manufacturer depreciates their material at a rate of about 20% per year, leaving your roof worth pennies on the dollar.


Roof Utah's warranties work differently. Our roofs actually appreciate over time with the market!

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Service Areas:

Salt Lake City




Fruit Heights





South Weber

West Point City


North Salt Lake


Park City

Roof Utah - Best Roofing Company in Utah

Get the only roof warranty that actually APPRECIATES over time with the market!

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