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Finally, the way roofing should be

Full Service Roofing Contractors. Dedicated 100% to customer protection.


Protect Yourself & Your Home

For far too long, Roofing Companies in Utah have operated with illegal and unethical practices that put our economy and YOU (as the homeowner) at risk.

Roof Utah was started with the belief that homeowners deserve 100% ethical and safe roofing practices, ensuring your home and your roof investment are 100% protected. 

How does Roof Utah protect you?

We follow all roofing regulations and procedures to ensure your roof is city approved, that your warranty is valid, and that you aren't stuck with any surprise extra fees or penalties.

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  • Lifetime Warranty against ANY leaks

  • ALL roofing contractors are certified installers by the roof material manufacturer (to guarantee warranty is valid!)

  • Includes FULL Lifetime manufacturer warranty on labor and materials for full roof replacement

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  • ALL roofing contractors follow all OSHAs safety regulations

  • ALL roofing contractors are background checked

  • ALL contractors are members and follow all guidelines of the URCA (Utah Roofing Contractor Association)

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  • ALL roofing projects follow ALL city and county permit and inspection regulations so your home is not red flagged

  • We ALWAYS carry an up-to-date, active insurance policy

  • We ONLY use in-house roofing contractors who follow the same guidelines - no subcontractors hired

The Roof Utah Difference

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Most Utah Roofing Companies cut corners to save THEMSELVES time and money. 

Problem is - their shady practices can come back to cost YOU extra money and can put your home at risk of being flagged by the city - making it very difficult to resell. 

At Roof Utah, you receive a contract that ensures all roofing regulations are being followed - both by your state, county, and city government and the roofing material manufacturer. 


We've got your back!

Each Roof Estimate Includes:

The Whistle's Blower's Guide to Selecting a Roofing Contractor in Utah

A free roof assessment with life expectancy

A roof layout map with detailed estimate

Manufacturer educational materials

Free Contractor Ethical Practices Questionnaire for interviewing possible roofing company candidates

Whistle Blower - A Guide to Selecting a

Get YOUR Free Roof Quote & Roof Guide

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