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Utah's Roof Permit & Inspection Regulations

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Roofing Permit & Inspection Regulations in Utah

Each city and county in Utah has different roofing permit and inspection processes to help protect property owners and the community from safety risks. They help protect your property and family from structural failures and help eliminate costly repairs for poorly completed work.

Problem is - most roofing companies do NOT obtain them.

This leaves you not only at a safety risk, but also a financial risk in your property investment.

If your roofer does NOT acquire the necessary permits and inspections to repair or rebuild your roof, your home can be red flagged by the city - making it nearly impossible to re-sell.

So be smart. Commit to only work with a roofing company that follows all the roof regulations in your city and county and obtains the necessary permits and inspections. 

Want to know the regulations in your specific city and county? 

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Check out the roof regulation tables below!

(If you can't find your city or county listed, please contact your local officials for information.)

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Utah Roof Permit & Inspection Regulations

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