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Whistle Blower - A Guide to Selecting a

Receive your FREE 25 page Insider's Guide to the Roofing Industry.

This is a MUST READ before you choose a Roofing Contractor in Utah.


Written by a board member of the Utah Roofing Contractors Association, this guide includes:

  • 8 Vital questions to ask your roofer before you sign a contract

  • How to know if your roof will really be warranted when it's completed

  • Your city & county roofing regulations so your home doesn't get red flagged


A Roofing Contractor's Checklist & Agreement to have them sign to protect yourself and your home!

Each Roof Estimate Includes:

  • The Whistle's Blower's Guide to Selecting a Roofing Contractor in Utah

  • A free roof assessment with life expectancy

  • A roof layout map with detailed estimate

  • Manufacturer educational materials

  • Free Contractor Ethical Practices Questionnaire for interviewing possible roofing company candidates

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