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Happy Planet.

Happy Pocketbook.

Solar helps you save money NOW and locks in LONG-TERM SAVINGS. 

Save 26% off your Roof by Going Solar!

Did you know that there is a federal mandate that Rocky Mountain Power has to have 20% of energy produced by renewable sources? 

Because they are not hitting their federally mandated numbers, the government is now helping homeowners transition to Solar. 

We can help you qualify for this program!

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avoid power scam with solar

Energy companies have monopolized their markets making you think that you have to buy energy from them. They continue to raise their prices 3% every single year. 


Do you have an option as to who you use for your TV service provider? Internet? Car insurance? Then why not your energy provider?

Don't get scammed! Get solar with your new roof to save money and avoid constantly rising energy costs.


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  1. No money out of pocket

  2. 26% savings off the price of your roof

  3. You pay less than you are currently paying for your monthly power bill and are locked into that low amount even while the power company continues to increase their prices 3% per year

  4. 100% of your usage covered by the solar system

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There are 4 benefits to you if you qualify for the federal program:

In order for solar to be installed on your roof, the roof has to have a lifespan of seven years.

Because your roof needs to be installed before any solar would possibly be installed on it, the roof itself is actually considered part of the solar system.

That means that the federal credit saving you 26% off of your solar system also applies to you roof!

Let’s crunch some numbers and see if you qualify for the federal program!


Save over $36,000 with solar!*

Solar Savings in Utah

*Based off average loan financing of 2500 square foot home. Actual costs and savings depend on your specific home and loan costs.


Watch the Savings Stack Up with Solar!

Why Go Solar on Your Roof?

Solar energy is changing the world in a big way.

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  • Save 26% off your new roof in tax credits and NO out of pocket is necessary! Finance the roof and solar together and have just 1 monthly payment (that is the same you're paying for energy right now anyway). 

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  • Solar power is a sustainable energy source and helps save the planet from harmful pollutants. Energy from the sun is free, infinite, clean, and renewable. Your personal effort to help our planet makes a difference! 



  • While electric prices continue to rise year after year, your bill will stay the same. Make the switch and lock in your electrical costs at a cheaper price. You will drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills! 

Go Green & Save Big!

roof & solar in utah

Need a new roof?

It's the perfect time to go solar.


Or if you've been thinking about going solar, you might as well get the longest lasting roof warranty to go with it.

Solar panels help save money, give you better energy efficiency, and help protect the environment. All wins for you and for the planet. 

Join the smart homeowners who are choosing solar to reduce their energy bills and to support a  healthier environment. 

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