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Bountiful, Utah's Best Roofing Company

Meticulous Roofing Company in Bountiful, Utah

The process of removing old roofing and installing a new roof can be a huge hassle. It can also be very messy to your property.


At Roof Utah we make the process smooth and easy for you, AND we take great pride in ensuring we leave the job-site looking clean through the entire roofing process.


We take great care to protect your roofing investment by following all necessary roofing regulations and safety standards.

Our roofing contractors are also sure to protect your property and landscaping from damage and leave no mess left behind.  

roofing services near bountiful,

Your Protection is Our Priority!

Our professional roofing contractors are all trained and certified in quality roofing craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We make sure we are up to date in the latest roofing best practices and that we obtain all the necessary permits and inspections to make sure your roofing project is approved by the city (this is vital to avoid having your home be red flagged - making it very difficult to re-sell).


It is always our highest priority to serve and protect you as our customer - and to make sure that your roof is repaired or installed correctly and made to last. 

Roof Repair for Bountiful, Utah

At Roof Utah, we repair any roof damage due to rain, hail, snow, wind, age, falling trees, improper installation, and poor maintenance. Damaged roofs can generate significant expenses to homeowners and businesses. If roofs are left unfixed, it can lead to greater damage to your home or building and your possessions.


We provide free roof estimates and inspections to access any roof damage and help you evaluate the best options to repair your roof. We always want to ensure we maintain the integrity and structure of your property and ensure your roof has the upmost vitality year round.

Common roof repairs include:


  • Fixing roof leaks

  • Repairing roof damage from storm and winds

  • Replacing faulty roof underlayment

  • Replacing fascia boards

  • Sealing roof vents and chimneys

  • And any other roof damage in need of repair

roof rpair in Bountiful, Utah

Roof Replacements for Bountiful, Utah

roof replacement in Bountiful, Utah

When it’s time to get a new roof, you want to make sure it is done correctly and with the best workmanship and warranty. That’s why at Roof Utah, we use only the highest quality of materials and install roofs with the very best and latest roofing techniques. Our roofing contractors are all certified and approved roof installers. We want to ensure not only that your roof is installed correctly, but that it will be covered under warranty to give you that extra layer of protection.


We are here to make sure your roof gets installed to last for the long haul!


Sometimes it is feasible to do a roof layover - where we add an additional layer of roof shingles to your existing roof. This can make your roofing project more affordable. We will evaluate and discuss with you if this is a viable and smart solution in your situation.

Whistle Blower - A Guide to Selecting a

Roofing Services in Bountiful, Utah

  • Roof inspections

  • Roof leak repair

  • Roof new construction

  • Roof layovers

  • Roof replacement

  • Emergency roof repair

  • Roof restoration

  • Roof maintenance

  • Roof snow removal

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Roofing Materials

Best roofing company in Bountiful Utah
  • Asphalt shingles

  • Tile

  • Metal

  • Flat roofs

  • Low sloped roofs

  • High sloped roofs

Highest Quality of Work on Every Roofing Project!

As Bountiful, Utah’s leading roofing company, we treat every project with the same care and attention we would for our own home. We understand your home is often one of your greatest investments, and we want to ensure the roof over it is helping keep your home, your possessions, and your family safe and protected. 

Give us a call to discuss your roofing project and receive a no obligation free quote.

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