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Roof Utah Blows the Whistle on the Dark Underbelly of the Roofing Industry

Roofing Company Uncovers Alarming Shortcomings by Many Roofing Companies that are Putting Homeowners at Risk

March 12, 2020

Clearfield, UT:


Roof Utah, a Utah born roofing company, recently published an insider’s guide to the roofing industry to educate homeowners about the financial and ethical threats many Utah roofing companies bring to their roofing projects. After working in the roofing industry for 15 years and seeing first hand the lazy and unethical practices of many Utah roofing companies, Logan Cornaby (owner of Roof Utah) decided to go public about the shady practices that often go on in the roofing industry. His goal of writing Whistleblower: A Guide to Selecting a Roofing Company in Utah is to educate homeowners and commercial property owners about the questions they need to ask their roofing company to protect themselves and be smart about the roofing process.


In January of 2018, Utah made several changes to licensure laws that make it easier than ever for anyone to get a roofing contractor license, even without the necessary qualifications and training to do the work correctly. The deregulation of the roofing standard laws has caused many less qualified roofing companies to flood the Utah market and has led to a reduction in roof installation quality. The loosening of roof licensing requirements has also put more responsibility and risk on consumers to be educated and smart about who they are hiring.


Logan Cornaby, owner of Roof Utah and chair for the Utah Roofing Contractors Association committee of government affairs, stated, “Many roofing companies cut corners to save themselves time and money. My intent in writing the Insider’s Guide to the Roofing Industry in Utah is to help educate the public about the questions they need to ask roofing companies to make an informed decision of who you are going to hire. I believe all homeowners deserve to work with a roofing company that is transparent about their processes and is abiding by the necessary government and manufacturer regulations to protect the financial investment you make in a new roof.” 


The Insider’s Guide to the Roofing Industry in Utah contains information about protecting homeowners regarding:

  • The roofing permit and inspection regulations necessary to obtain in each city and county to make sure your home does not get red flagged - making it extremely difficult to resell. 

  • How to avoid being liable for any roofing injuries incurred on your property.

  • Understanding who is actually installing your roof (many companies use subcontractors and never tell you).

  • How to avoid getting a lien placed on your home during the roofing project.

  • How to know if your roof will really be covered under warranty when it’s completed.


About Roof Utah: Roof Utah is Utah’s only roofing company focused 100% on consumer protection. Founded in 2016, its mission is to raise the bar on roofing service across Utah by educating homeowners on the questions they need to ask when hiring a roofing contractor. Roof Utah is unique in offering the longest roof warranty (50 years) and the only roof warranty that actually appreciates over time with the market. 


For more information and to receive a free copy of the Whistleblower: A Guide to Selecting a Roofing Company in Utah, please visit

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