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Get an Estimate from Utah's Highest-Quality Roofing Company

Insane Warranty. 
Highest Quality Products.
Premier Craftsmanship.

We'll Help You Find Your Perfect Roofing Solution

We don't let you make a bad decision!

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Unbeatable warranty
(Other companies think we're insane - but we give you a 50 year, NON-prorated, FULL replacement warranty)

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Skip the stress but NOT the quality!
(Stress-free sailing from start to finish with true roofing professionals)

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Only Utah roofing company 100% committed to NOT cut corners!
(There are 8 ways most roofing companies cut corners to save them money, but it ends up costing YOU more money in the long run. We'll show you how we avoid all of these.)

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This was a great experience.
The roof looks beautiful, and I am so glad to know that I have ZERO worries about the roof now and forever, since will outlast me, right?

Roof Utah did the job fast and they did the job right!

J. Starrman


What do we do different?

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Even if you don't hire us...
BE SURE to read this guide before hiring any roofing company to save yourself from potential thousands of dollars in liabilities!!

Meet the only Roofers in Utah who have your back - 100%!

Want to learn how to tell if your roofer is putting you as risk?

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Raising the Bar on Roofing Service 

We're that company that is OBSESSED with providing the highest quality service.

Every. Single. Time.

Roof Uah has done over 17 million square feet of roofs


Square Feet Re-Roofed
Since 2016

Roof Utah has served hundreds of Utah residents


Customers Served

5 star reviews fo Roof Utah


Customer Satisfaction

5 star review for roof utah roofing company
5 star roofing company utah.png

Logan and his crew did an amazing job on my roof! They were respectful, hard working, and cleaned up after themselves. Would HIGHLY recommend Roof Utah to anybody in need of a new roof. They do quality work and are very competitive in pricing. Thanks!

C. Swan

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Experience the Highest Quality Roofing Service!

(designed to protect YOU as the consumer!)

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How do you choose a good Roofing Company?

So you need a new roof...


  • How do you choose the best roofing contractor for your home or building?

  • How do you know they’re going to really deliver the best quality?

  • And how do you know they aren’t going to rip you off in the process?

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Let’s face it - roofing isn’t cheap. It’s probably one of most expensive repairs you’ll do on your home.


So you’ll want to be sure to do your research to make sure you’re smart about who you chose to hire. 

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The scary thing: there are a lot of seemingly reputable roofing companies in Utah that are breaking several laws and roofing regulations - putting YOU and YOUR HOME at risk. 

Of course they'll never tell you that. They'll send a friendly, well dressed salesman to your home to give you an estimate. And after getting a few quotes, you'll choose the most reasonably priced one or the one who seemed to know their stuff the best.


BUT wait... are there things they didn't tell you?


Things you should know?


Things that could be putting you at risk financially?


Things that could put your home at risk of being red flagged by the city - making it nearly impossible to resell? 

Sure they promised you a warranty. But are they installing it correctly to even make the warranty valid?

How do you protect yourself as a consumer?

Most roofers will only tell you what they want to tell you. They won’t tell you what you really need to know unless you ask.


So how do you know what to ask?

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  • 8 Vital questions to ask your roofer before you sign a contract

  • How to know if your roof will really be warranted when it's completed

  • Your city & county roofing regulations so your home doesn't get red flagged

Whistleblower - Insider's Guide to the R

Regardless of which Utah Roofing Company you decide to hire, you NEED them to sign the roofing contractor's checklist and agreement contained in this Guide to protect yourself and your home.

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Highest Quality.
                Greatest Protection. 
                                   Longest Warranty.

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The Stress-Free Way to Service Your Roof.

Roof Utah secures your roofing investment by:

  1. Offering a full Lifetime Workmanship Warranty 

  2. Strictly following all OSHA laws & safety standards

  3. Securing all necessary permits & inspections for every roof project we complete​

We are Utah's Only Roofing Company Focused 100% on  Protecting the Consumer 

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Utah deregulated their roofing standards in 2018 - putting more responsibility and risk on YOU as the consumer.

Learn what changed and the questions you NEED to ask your roofer to make sure you aren't stuck with extra fees!


Plus learn how to avoid roofers who will put your home at risk of being red flagged by your city!

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5 star roofing company utah.png

I am absolutely THRILLED with Roof Utah. Logan was quick to come out to take a look at the repair that we needed and was able to fix it on the spot (and at a great price!). He’s knowledgeable, professional, does great work, and left no trace. If we ever need anything done on our roof in the future, they’re the only ones we’ll call. 👍🏻👍🏻

Suzy D.

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Why Choose Roof Utah?

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Most Extensive Warranty

Most roofing companies only offer a warranty for a few years.

At Roof Utah, we provide the longest and most extensive warranty. We not only provide a warranty on the materials, but also we provide a LIFETIME warranty on our workmanship for any leaks.

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Highest Safety Standards

Many roofing contractors hire anyone who applies and carry out-dated insurance - putting you at risk to cover the cost of any injuries. At Roof Utah we background check all our employees, always have current insurance, and follow all OSHAs safety regulations. 

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Securest Investment

When roofing companies cut corners  by not acquiring the necessary permits and inspections, it puts your home at risk to be red flagged - making it very difficult to sell. At Roof Utah we obtain all necessary permits and inspections to protect your roofing investment.

Roof Utah leads an initiative aimed at protecting consumers.

The Roofing Industry is a bit of a hot mess right now.

Trouble is - most consumers have no idea the financial and ethical threats most roofing companies bring to the table.

Roof Utah is on a mission to help educate homeowners and businesses about the dark underbelly of the roofing industry and how to be smart about the roofing process.

 (Includes a Free Guide to Selecting a Roofing Contractor in Utah!) 

Whistle Blower - A Guide to Selecting a
5 star roofing company utah.png

Suzy D.

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At Roof Utah, our clients are our #1 priority and we go the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

We take pride in the exceptional quality of our work and in following all roofing guidelines and standards to a "T".


Our clients love that whether you need a roof replacement, roof repair, or roof layover, we will be sure to thoroughly explain all your options and help you understand the whole process from start to finish. We are owned and employed by local Utahns and love the state and people we serve!

Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.

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Incredible company to deal with. The project manager was professional, courteous and hard working. The crew consisted of 3 workers that busted their butts and did an incredible job. Nothing but the highest quality materials were used. Clean up was awesome! Logan was awesome at explaining the hows and whys during the bid phase. I highly recommend this company for your roofing needs! 

K. Mccomsey


in Roofing


Simply the best

“I'm so happy with the work Logan did! Our ceiling has been leaking for months and we have had several people come look at it with no success. Logan is knowledgeble, personable, timely, and very easy to contact!"

~Mandy Miller~

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